About our cars …

0about1Our 3D printed scale models are specifically designed for 1/160th to 1/120th scale. We do not scan car models. Instead we design scale models in such way that fine details become clearly visible. All characteristics are on the right place and the designs are truely scaled down. That’s why you will immediately recognize the cars. All kits are printed on demand. There is no stock. So all kits will be printed as soon as you order.

3D print materials behave slightly different than ordinary plastics. That’s why we’ve added clear instructions as a free download. Please check out the painting scheme suggestions and tips on how to make those nice windows.

0about2All car models are composed of multiple parts allowing you to paint the cars properly. By this you can also paint the interiors. Small details such as striping are slightly enlarged. This will help you painting the finest details. In some cases decals are available as free downloads.

We intend to enrich your scale model layout. So please let us know if you have ideas.

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