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Customer service
We hope that you enjoy our product. But sometimes things go wrong. For example, is a part missing, or is the product damaged? Please report it on this page of the Shapeways website. Fill in: your name, e-mail, order number (*), subject (choose from list) and your message. Shapeways is a multilingual company, you can write your message in English or any other major language. You can also upload a photo of the product delivered. That may help to explain what is going on. When a reprint of the product cannot solve the issue, Shapeways will offer you your money back. See the terms on the right or bottom of this page.

Because the product is delivered directly to you by Shapeways, we do not see when something goes wrong. But we would like to know. Then we can take action to prevent future errors. If you have made a report at Shapeways, or if that does not work, or there is something else, email us using the contact form below.

(*) The order number can be found in the emails from Shapeways about your order. If you have created an account, you can also find it under My orders.

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