3D print materials

Our vehicle models, miniature figures and other highly detailed kits are printed using a MultiJet Modeling (MJM) process by DM-Toys in Germany and by Shapeways in the Netherlands and the US.

RAILNSCALE made by DM-Toys
Products manufactured by DM-Toys are printed in VisiJet M2R WT in layers of 32 microns. The colour of the material is white (previously black). The printing process utilizes a waxy support material that is dissolved after printing is completed. In these models, there are absolutely no signs of support material visible, so the finest details are clearly visible. DM-Toys then cleans the models so that they can be painted directly by you. We recommend you to apply a primer before painting.

RAILNSCALE printed by Shapeways
The printing process of Shapeways is comparable to that of DM-Toys. With Shapeways printed parts you sometimes can choose up to four material options:
Gray Fine Detail Plastic (VisiJet M2R GRY) printed in layers of 32 microns. This material is apart from the colour identical to the materials used by DM-Toys;
Clear Ultra Fine Detail Plastic (VisiJet M2R CL) printed in layers of 32 microns. This material is identical to the materials used by DM-Toys;
Smooth Fine Detail Plastic (VisJet M3 Crystal, FUD) printed in layers of 29 microns;
Smoothest Fine Detail Plastic (VisJet M3 Crystal, FXD) printed in layers of 16 microns.

lIMG_7796The finish of VisiJet M2R materials are identical to the materials used by DM-Toys. This means that all surfaces are free from support material or support marks.
Due to the smaller layer thicknesses of the VisiJet M3 materials the amount of details is slightly better. The surface quality however varies more because some areas show some marks of support material.

⬇️ Material Data Sheet (VisiJet M2R GRY)
⬇️ Material Data Sheet (VisiJet M2R CL)
⬇️ Material Data Sheet (VisiJet M3 Crystal)
⬇️ Material Safety Data Sheet

Other printing materials
Our larger kits and tools are printed by Shapeways in a nylon (polyamid) and has a reasonable degree of detail. The material is strong and flexible. In some cases you can choose the following:
White Natural Versatile Plastic
Black Natural Versatile Plastic

Dampfkessel01 The material is printed layer by layer with a laser that fuses together nylon powder. The average grain size is 56 micron. When you receive the model from Shapeways, you might find some nylon powder left inside hollow cavities of the model. You can simply blow or brush the fine powder out. Then it is ready for usage or painting.

⬇️ Material Data Sheet
⬇️ Material Safety Data Sheet

Full Color Sandstone (FCS)
FCS is created by printing binder material and coloured ink layer-by-layer into a bed of gypsum-based powder. After printing, the models are finished with a cyanoacrylate (super glue) sealant to ensure durability and vivid colors. The final product is a hard, brittle material with a reasonable degree of detail. Due to material limitations FCS is not suitable for small and fragile kits.

FCS should be handled carefully, and not exposed to water as it will cause fading.

⬇️ Material Safety Data Sheet