Frequently asked questions

RAILNSCALE designs 3D models for model railroads and dioramas. You can let the chosen model print in 3D in our webshop at Shapeways. You will receive the model through the mail at home, after which you can paint it and build it together.

Why are the RAILNSCALE models sold by Shapeways?

Shapeways has all facilities needed to sell and distribute 3D models all over the world.

Where are the products printed?

For European customers our products are normally printed in Eindhoven (Netherlands). For American customers our products are usually coming from New York. In all other cases your product may come from one of those facilities.

In what currencies can I pay?

Shapeways currently gives you the option to pay in USD, EUR, AUD, CAD, GBP. You can select your country and the desired currency on the Shapeways website at the bottom of the page. Prices are recalculated accordingly.

I didn’t receive my order correctly. What must I do?

Please inform Shapeways in case a product doesn’t meet your expectations. Read more about customer service here.

A product can’t be printed according to Shapeways. What will happen now?

Shapeways will cancel your order and inform RAILNSCALE to solve to problem. You will be informed by Shapeways as soon the product can be printed again.

What is the delivery time of a model?

Shapeways will inform you about the shipping. The delivery is often within 10 business days.

Does RAILNSCALE sell painted kits too?

No, only unpainted kits are available.

Does RAILNSCALE sell kits in other scales too, like H0 for example?

We focus is on N-scale (1/160) kits. It is however possible to up-scale our kits to 1/148, 1/144 or TT-scale (1/120). The larger the model, the more expensive a kit will become. Do not hesitate to contact us in case you wish for an up-scaled model.
Our H0 (1/87) range will be limited to ‘tools’ only.
Unfortunately it is not possible to down-scale our kits to Z-scale (1/220).

What material are the kits made of?

Most kits are printed in Frosted Ultra Detail (FUD) or Frosted eXtreme Detail (FXD), which stands for a Polyjet UV Cured Acrylic Resin (max temp 80 °C). Models of FUD and FXD should be well cleaned before you can paint it. The FXD models have the finest detailing.
Some models are printed in White Strong & Flexible (WSF). WSF is a polyamide (max temp 80 °C). Models of WSF can be painted easily.

What paint do I need to paint the kits?

Revell Email Color, Humbrol Enamel, Tamiya, etc.

What glue do I need to assemble the kits?


Where can I buy  modelling clay?

DAS and Darwi Classic modelling clay can be purchased here:

Where can I buy Microscale Kristal Klear?

Most model rail road shops will have Kristal Klear.  etchIT also sells Kristal Klear.