Frequently asked questions

Does RAILNSCALE sell painted kits too?

No, only unpainted kits are available.

Does RAILNSCALE sell kits in other scales too, like H0 for example?

We focus is on N-scale (1/160) kits. It is however possible to up-scale our kits to 1/148, 1/144 or TT-scale (1/120). The larger the model, the more expensive a kit will become. Do not hesitate to contact us in case you wish for an up-scaled model.
Our H0 (1/87) range will be limited to ‘tools’ only.
Unfortunately it is not possible to down-scale our kits to Z-scale (1/220).

What paint do I need to paint the kits?

Best is to apply a primer first. Alls sorts of hobby paint like Revell Email Color, Humbrol Enamel, Tamiya, etc can be used.

What glue do I need to assemble the kits?


Where can I buy  modelling clay?

DAS and Darwi Classic modelling clay can be purchased here:

Where can I buy Microscale Kristal Klear?

Most model rail road shops will have Kristal Klear.  etchIT also sells Kristal Klear.