How to find RAILNSCALE products at Shapeways?

The shopping section at Shapeways looks like this:
Click on ‘Miniatures‘ and you get to the next level:
Now you see the categories within the Miniatures section. Within each sub-gategory you can select by scale, type, era, country.

That’s why we have added Shop Sections. The Shop Sections are shown on the right hand side in the Shapeways shop.
If you select a section you get a clear overview of matching products.

Alternatively you can go directly to the RAILNSCALE shop within Shapeways. Searching multiple objects can be hard. RAILNSCALE products however can easily be found by typing the Product Number in the ‘Search box’.

For example enter N2103.
Shapeways will show the corresponding RAILNSCALE product immediately:
By clicking on the thumbnail you can order the product.
Uitleg-zoeken3It is even possible to select multiple products by entering the various product numbers separated by a comma.